Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Get Out the Vote!

Volunteers have been active throughout the campaign, and the last stretch is here. To help Delaware County Team Democrat PAC help candidates, volunteer for one of the jobs below.
Get Out The Vote
Contact Nolan Born  nborn510@gmail.com. 547-249-0091
*driving canvassers

Yard signs for candidates sharing Team Democrat PAC Headquarters
Contact Victoria Rose victrose@gmail.com, or call 765-749-4090

Deliver yard signs to five to seven polling locations on Monday night and pick up after polls close. One person does not have to do all locations.
Pick up yard signs from yards and bring them back to HQ on High Street. Headquarters staff have location information. 

Team Democrate PAC volunteers and candidates will watch election results on the big screens at the Murpah Shrine Club, at 2232 E. McGalliard, Muncie, beginning at 6 p.m. To provide snacks on election night at the Shrine Club, get in touch with Victoria Rose.

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